COVID-19 Screening Tool

This COVID-19 screening tool is provided to home care agencies that wish to monitor their clients, caregivers, administrative staff, and visitors. It is intended for simple data capturing and reporting. Agencies would need to distribute the screening tool link using their own tools or platforms. Below are sample links to try the screening and reporting process:

Screening Tool


The sample reporting page is not password protected for demo purposes. All offices reporting pages will be password protected with custom password.


  • simple and easy to use
  • no login required to use the screening tool
  • formatted to fit phones and different mobile devices
  • office reporting is password protected
  • email notifications can be turned on for each submission
  • office staff can complete entries using the screening tool (when info is received over the phone, email, etc.)

How to Use

  • pressing the title on both the screening tool and the reporting will refresh (quick way to refresh the reports if the page is kept open all day; or to initiate new data entry on the tool)
  • search on the reporting tool will search/filter across all columns, examples:
    • type a name, it will filter all entries by that name
    • type Client or Caregiver – it will filter entries by client or caregiver
    • type Fever – it will filter entries that reported fever
    • type a date in format YYYY-MM-DD – it will filter entries for that date; YYYY-MM will filter by month
  • export to CSV is recommended, makes formatting easy and convenient to manipulate the data
  • by default ordered by date, most recent on top; click on a column header to order ascending/descending; hold Shift and press a second column to do secondary ordering

Please complete the sign up form below if you are interested.

    A. This COVID-19 data collection and tracking tool is provided free of charge for your use at your discretion and without warranty of any kind. Each party disclaims and excludes all other warranties, whether statutory, express or implied, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement of third-party rights. Tool when properly used is designed to assist you with certain recordkeeping tasks, as well as concerning the general storage and processing of your data.

    B. The parties agree that confidential information (data) shared via this tool shall remain your legal property. SwyftOps will take reasonable precautions to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of your data. SwyftOps shall maintain conventional industry administrative, physical, and technical protections for security of your data. SwyftOps shall not: modify your data; disclose your data except as compelled by law, or access your data except to provide the tool or prevent or address service or technical problems, or at your request in connection with training and support matters. Either party may disclose data if it is compelled by law to do so, provided the disclosing party gives other party prior notice of such compelled disclosure (to the extent legally permitted).

    C. This agreement does not prohibit the limited right of SwyftOps to promote the relationship created by the agreement, including the use of trade names, marks, and contact information, or to use data in an anonymous aggregated manner.